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 Why we love what we do
Tshirt with heart print

Custom Clothing is a division of Blackrock Clothing which was established in 1997. Since our early days we have been catering to schools and their needs for athletic team clothing, club clothing, staff clothing, and spirit wear clothing.


Our success comes from our customer care. We make it easy for schools to offer their communities quality clothing at affordable prices while being able to "design" their spirit wear items. Allowing members of the groups to choose clothing types, colors, as well as logo types, sizes, color, and placements, is an exciting way to have people identify with your group without losing their individual tastes and clothing preferences in the process. Your community members are not "one size or style fits all" and we honor that by giving each clothing selection the personalized touch it deserves.

Whether it is custom apparel for your group or event, a bulk team order, or a personalized gift, we help you to express your originality through custom designs for any and all occasions.

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