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Set up a group ordering option with group graphics, then let your members customize their spirit wear by being able to coordinate their own clothing selections, graphic placements and color combinations.

1. Decide on the number of graphics you would like to use. Most schools will use a school logo, their athletic team logos, spirit wear logos. We can help you create logos for your design options.   


2. Decide on a timeline that your group order will be available. Usually groups will provide a 2 week window where members can access design options with their clothing orders. During this time the group link will be a featured campaign. Afterwards you can opt to have it be a password link for ongoing purchases.

3. Decide if you want to purchase a sample pack. Together we can pick some clothing samples and sizers that members can see and try on for a better idea of fit and colors, etc. Clothing samplers receive discounted pricing.

custom clothing by blackrock clothing co

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